Case Studies

Discover more about our past projects, and see how the results could inform your own ventures.

Military Case Study
The US military were trying to develop lower-cost, one-use cargo parachute systems to support aerial supply for both military operations and humanitarian relief efforts. Early R&D efforts focused on woven fabrics made from polypropylene, but unfortunately, many off-the-shelf geotextile fabrics were not yielding optimal results.
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Erosion Control Case Study
GEOCOIR® 700 and GEOCOIR® Log erosion control applications were used to stabilize a river bank and protect a bridge overpass support in Roseburg, Oregon. Specific products used included GEOCOIR® 700 (4 meters wide) and GEOCOIR® Bio-logs (12" diameter, 7-9 lbs/cubic foot).
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Industrial Applications Case Study 1
A large retail customer charged a leading furniture components manufacturer with providing an innovative new bedding platform that did not utilize traditional hinges and wire springs.
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Industrial Applications Case Study 2
A leading manufacturer of protective covers was looking for a woven scrim as part of a protective covering system. The woven scrim needed to emit vapors which would hinder water molecules from attaching to metal surfaces (rust formation).
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