Environmental Fabrics

Belton Industries designs and manufactures an array of fabrics for environmental applications, providing durable, cost-effective solutions that fit a variety of needs.

Belton’s high-strength woven polypropylene fabrics for the dewatering of sediments and various industrial wastes have as their end goal the return of treated sediments to the original water source. Engineered for year-round usage, these fabrics are designed for custom fabrication.
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High-Strength Stabilization
Belton’s high-strength, woven polypropylene fabrics are designed for heavy-duty separation and stabilization needs. They offer increased performance to ensure that both project goals and specific needs are met.
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Alternate Daily Landfill Cover
Belton’s landfill cover fabrics are made from 100% polypropylene slit tape yarns and are UV-stabilized to withstand the most extreme solar conditions. The fabrics are rigid enough for repeated daily usage but are flexible enough for custom fabrication.
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Specialty Applications
Belton Industries works closely with our customers to meet their specialty needs to ensure success in any environmental application.
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