We currently manufacture specialized fabrics for high velocity (HV), low velocity (LV), and low-cost, low-altitude (LCLA) applications.

  High Velocity (HV) Cargo Parachute Fabric
The rapid-descent cargo chute retains accuracy when an aircraft must fly high over a target due to terrain, weather, and/or group threats. The descent rate is no more than 90 feet/sec.
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  Low Velocity (LV) Cargo Parachute Fabric
This chute handles heavier loads dropped at various altitudes with a descent goal of 28.5 feet/sec. Fabrics are specifically designed to survive opening shocks and to aid ease of fabrication.
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  Low-Cost, Low-Altitude (LCLA) Cargo Parachute Fabric
The LCLA chute is designed to be lightweight and quick-opening for low-altitude cargo supply.
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